Petite Grand is a contemporary jewellery label, created by designer Tanja Kovacevic.
After 15 years in the fashion industry, Tanja found the urge to create a simple and
refined product that reflected her own personal style, and so Petite Grand was born.

Since its inception in 2010, with a debut collection of fine, delicate pieces, the brand
and aesthetic has consistently evolved. The staple, everyday designs still remain, with
collections growing to include a wide range of styles through to wearable statement
jewellery. No matter the scale and complexity, each style is carefully considered with its
own unique balance of intricate detail.

Tanja draws inspiration for each collection from anything in her surrounds, with a
particular love of art and film. A joyful spirit and strong sense of wearability are always
at the heart of the design process.

Not driven by trends, the Petite Grand wearer is fun and fabulous, comfortable with
their own unique personal style. While each piece stands on its own, collections are
always designed to layer, mix and match, allowing for the wearer to truly make their
own statement.

The manufacturing process is considered and kept close to home, with every piece of
Petite Grand jewellery handmade to order by Tanja and her team in their Surry Hills