Jewellery Care


Silver: 925 Sterling Silver

Gold Filled: 14kt Gold Filled

Gold Plated: 14kt Gold Plated

14kt Gold: Solid Gold

Cord: Nylon


Every piece of jewellery requires some love and care after purchase. We've compiled some tips to help your pieces stand the test of time.

Sterling silver, 14kt gold filled and 14kt solid gold are all soft metals so each piece of jewellery should be stored separately to avoid scratching.

It’s best not to leave jewellery (especially sterling silver) exposed to air over long periods, as this will encourage the metal to tarnish. Tarnish is a natural process that causes a discolouration on silver jewellery and other precious metals. This will occur over time when exposed to perspiration, skin acids and oils, cosmetics and hydrogen sulphide gas found in the air.

Jewellery should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to avoid tarnish. We recommend giving each piece a quick clean with a cloth after wearing and before putting away.

In order to maintain the beauty of each piece, store in the soft pouch provided when you’re not wearing your jewellery. Remember to clasp your necklaces and bracelets when storing, to help prevent them from getting tangled. If you find yourself with a particularly stubborn knot in a chain, the best tools are a sewing needle or pin and some patience. 


Gold-plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal. As with any surface treatment, the gold-plating will wear off over time with use, and begin to show the metal underneath. The wearing process can be slowed down if you take good care of your pieces. All gold plating can be re-plated if required.


14k Gold Filled jewellery has a thicker layer of solid 14k gold applied to the metal, that offers a beautiful, quality piece without the price tag of solid gold - it is the next best thing in terms of durability and longevity.

More technically speaking, 14k gold filled has a solid layer of 14k gold that has been bonded to the base of quality brass. Gold Filled is legally required to be at least 5% gold (1/20 of the total weight), which is significantly more than most gold plated items.

Please see our CUSTOMER CARE page for more information on repairs we offer.